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TAGHEER is a Kabul-based management consulting firm. TAGHEER provides monitoring & evaluation and strategic planning services to advance business performance and development effectiveness of organizations. We are registered as a local consultancy firm in Afghanistan under the MoIC-ACBR license number 45521. TAGHEER is headquartered in Kabul, with a regional presence in Jalalabad, Herat, Kandahar, and Mazar-i-Sharif.
Quality Service, Integrity in Action, Continuous Learning, learning, integrity, quality,
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Quality Service

We believe in quality service. We are proud to disseminate useful information for better decision making and strategic planning.

Integrity in Action

We are sincere and transparent in our work and with our clients. We are comfortable having difficult conversations to ensure accountability.

Continuous Learning

We believe in differences of opinion, value open talk and encourage professional growth. We learn from our work and from other team members.


TAGHEER provides Management Consulting, Project & Field monitoring, and Research & Evaluation services to advance business performance and development effectiveness of organizations, all timely and in their desired language.


Our core team speaks English, Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Turkish, and Swahili and have worked with GIRoA, United Nations, International donors and development actors, Humanitarian NGOs, and Private sector in Afghanistan, Turkey, and across the globe.


TAGHEER is headquartered in Kabul – Afghanistan. We have regional coordinators in Jalalabad, Herat, Kandahar, and Mazar-e-Sharif and have active presence in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.


TAGHEER also has a window office in Istanbul – Turkey. We are registered as a local management consulting firm with the Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


Our clients are satisfied with us and appreciate our efforts:

  • We received more than 10 recognition letters from clients in 2019 alone!
  • We are proud to sharing actionable recommendations with our clients for better planning and effective decision making
  • We work with our clients to help them perform better and achieve more using our approach “Prove to Improve and Learn”
  • We value open talk & are comfortable having difficult discussions with our clients as we believe in differences of opinion
  • We have no litigation or arbitration history and have no case of default

Our Local and International Reach and Experience:

  • Our core team members carry sufficient local and International experience and have worked in Afghanistan, Africa, and US
  • Our staff are fluent in English, Dari, Pushto, and Urdu languages, and some speak Swahili and Turkish
  • We have an In-house Quality Assurance Section to regularly interact with clients as a measure towards contract enforcement
  • We have Research & Evaluation partners, Management & Reach partners, and Technology partners in Afghanistan, UK, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Turkey, US, and India
  • We are active in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan
  • We are registered with UN Global Compact, SAM, DUNS, UNGM, Grants.Gov, Afghan Bids, WBG, UNDP, WFP, Devex, and JCCS platforms

We keep subject matter expertise in….

  • Health, Nutrition, and Food Security
  • Gender equality & youth development
  • Economic growth & Trade intelligence
  • Workforce development and job creation
  • Peace promotion and democratic governance
  • Business re-engineering and entrepreneurship
  • Formal education & vocational skills development
  • Livelihood improvement and humanitarian assistance
  • Reintegration through psychosocial support and economic engagement
  • To maximize work quality, we reach out to our local, regional, and global partners


Management Consulting
Project & Field Monitoring
Research & Evaluations